Quartz Crystal

Quartz is one of about 30 gemstones with an affinity for the sun sign Leo. Ignore the one-stone-per-zodiac-sign, dished up by magazines. In reality there are a variety of choices for each birth period.

Believed to be a healing, magical crystal in all cultures, Quartz is the King of stones, perfectly suited to the lions among us. It’s energetic and healing qualities are vast. My first experience with the power of crystals was about 30 years ago, at a public event. An elderly man swinging a pendulum approached me and said “what’s that in your pocket?” I pulled out a quartz crystal which was my “pet rock” It would have been a great pick-up line, except for the 50-year age gap and the fact that he was more interested in my Quartz than me. He told me it had an energetic radiance of about 200 metres and he’d been seeking the source of this powerful vibration, with his pendulum. While not a pick-up line, this meeting did start an unlikely friendship and a fascination with the science of stones.

Quartz crystal can help with pain in general, lowering fever, headaches, fractures, joint problems, thyroid gland issues, swelling, numbness, stuttering, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. It enhances regeneration, self-healing, the nerves and immune system. It also boosts the effectiveness of other crystals.

On a mental level, quartz encourages clarity and neutrality, improving perception and understanding, thus strengthening our own point of view. it helps us overcome what we believe are mental limits, helping with memory recall and solving problems in simple ways.

So even if you’re not a lion, get yourself a “crystal ball” and see into your own mind !

Article by Donna Mills

Research on the therapeutic qualities of the gemstones carried out by Michael Gienger.

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