I choose the Stone of the Month by a meditative process and I’m always happy when it is one of the zodiac stones for that month. If it isn’t, I go with it anyway. Although traditionally not a June birthstone, PERIDOT has presented itself as the stone for this month. I guess many people are needing its strong, clarifying and freeing energy at this time.

The Ancients wore Peridot to keep away evil spirits and bestow wisdom and friendship. Today we can think of evil spirits as negative energies, attracted by our thoughts and emotions. In helping to avert and dissolve these tendencies in us, Peridot is certainly a protection for the aura.

Spiritually peridot motivates growth and helps bring about necessary change. It helps us detach ourselves from outside influences, meaning we can live our own life, understand our own destiny and spiritual purpose. Peridot helps us glean wisdom from experience and put it into practice with current and future decisions. In other words, come into closer contact with our higher, inner self, our ” I am presence”

Emotionally, Peridot dissolves oppressive feelings that arise from self blame, or blaming others, so that we can take positive responsibility for our lives and become emotionally independent. It particularly helps with stored up anger and rage.

Mentally, Peridot promotes psychological clarity, helping us to see the truth. It stimulates us to admit our own unbalanced thinking and behaving, forgive ourselves, do things we have neglected and make up for damage caused.

Physically, Peridot detoxifies and helps with infections. It stimulates the liver, gall bladder and metabolism. It is very good for skin problems, including fungi and warts.

It is hard to get cheap, tumbled peridot. It usually comes as faceted or smooth cut gemstones but is not necessarily one of the more expensive cut stones. There are many grades. Wear it as a bracelet, ring or necklace close to the skin, or tape it to the skin, over the liver for instance. Then sit back and watch the magic happen. Bye-bye bad, blamey spirits, hello happy friendships !

Article by Donna Mills

Research on the therapeutic qualities of the gemstones carried out by Michael Gienger.

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