Moonstone has an affinity for many of the sun signs, including Libra. Its inner structure bends light, giving the polished stone an undulating, shimmering iridescence. This quality results from the minute inter-layering of different feldspars that develop by chemical separation during the process of crystallization, enabling the layers to catch and reflect the light in a magical way. It is found in brown, yellow, grey, green and pink but the white, rainbow moonstone is the most sought after, with its gorgeous, blue and rainbow-coloured light, playing and dancing on the surface of the stone.

The moonstone has been associated with clairvoyance and mediumistic abilities throughout history. Gypsy races believed it was the best stone to use in foretelling future events. For the layperson that doesn’t aspire to crystal ball gazing, it can simply enhance intuition and lucid dreaming, particularly at the time of a full moon. It not only helps you remember your dreams but is said to help control sleep walking, which is worth a try if you have a child who suffers from that.

Moonstone can open our field of perception, helping us notice synchronistic signs and patterns, thereby showing us that there is a greater intelligence at work in the universe than the small consciousness we often limit ourselves to in our daily routine. It also bestows depth of feeling and empathy, which can make us more open to spontaneous impulses. This can bring about happy coincidences, but sensitive souls must be careful while wearing moonstone, not to get caught up in illusions, or to become over-stimulated by their emotions or those picked up from other people.

Physically, moonstone stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands, which have a great sensitivity to light. Because of the increased functioning of these master glands centered in the brain, important regulatory systems in the body can be balanced. It helps get the endocrine system back in tune with nature and can be used for all complaints caused by a disruption to the central regulation of hormones, easing the path of any hormonal changes. This stone is a friend and helper to women, throughout all stages of life and rites of passage. In puberty it reduces fluctuations in emotions and helps with acne. It helps painful, irregular, or too light or heavy menstruation. It helps with infertility and then reduces the impact of complaints in early pregnancy (food cravings, nausea, colonic inertia, oedema, tiredness and disturbed sleep). After birth, it helps with fear, anxiety and depression. In menopause it can reduce hot flushes, palpitations, migraines and mood swings.

Article by Donna Mills

Research on the therapeutic qualities of the gemstones carried out by Michael Gienger.

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