Amethyst is, to my mind, the most powerful stone on earth, the King of Crystals. It grows inside the pockets left by boiling lava after a volcanic eruption. The deepest purple colour comes from Uraguay. Amethyst encourages spirituality and insight, imbuing justness and honesty. It helps quiet the mind, bringing peace and allowing our inner […]


Calcite is very often formed from sediments or mineral deposits of sea creatures which have extracted calcium from sea water to form their shells or exoskeletons. When they die, they form reefs, which over time, become chalk hills and mountains. Chalk is simply calcite. Given sufficient space and time, calcite will form crystals and compact […]


Lots of people are seeking a stone to protect themselves, their work station or their homes. There are various possibilities for different situations. Some stones deflect disharmonious energy waves and vibrations, some break them up and re-form them into more harmonious patterns and some help us to rid ourselves from toxic influences by creating energy […]


Like its display of gorgeous, iridescent greeny-blue, paua-shell colours, labradorite stimulates imagination, creativity, intuition and mediumistic abilities. It bestows a child-like enthusiasm and a host of new ideas but at the same time, giving us emotional depth, stimulating contemplation and inwardness, which enables us to see our goals and intentions and recognise illusions. Labradorite alleviates […]


Moonstone has an affinity for many of the sun signs, including Libra. Its inner structure bends light, giving the polished stone an undulating, shimmering iridescence. This quality results from the minute inter-layering of different feldspars that develop by chemical separation during the process of crystallization, enabling the layers to catch and reflect the light in […]

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is easily recognised amongst the array of different jaspers, by its striking little circular patterns. According to the “doctrine of signatures”, a term used to describe the principle that like will cure like, those little circles look like cells. So Ocean Jasper is the main stone for health issues at a cellular level. […]