Lots of people are seeking a stone to protect themselves, their work station or their homes. There are various possibilities for different situations. Some stones deflect disharmonious energy waves and vibrations, some break them up and re-form them into more harmonious patterns and some help us to rid ourselves from toxic influences by creating energy flow, physically and energetically. To understand more about this reality, have a look into the wonderful work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who sadly passed away this October. He was a Japanese scientist who showed us with his photographs of water crystallisation’s, that our thoughts and words have a profound influence on water and ether, which basically means everything in and around us. Dr. Emoto unequivocally proved that we can consciously bless or unconsciously damn. Humanity owes a great tribute to his magnificent work.

Crystals and minerals have a very stable, perfect structure due to the intense heat and pressure they undergo inside the earth. Therefore they have great power to influence more mobile states of energy with their ability to create harmony.

An inexpensive, little known stone for PROTECTION, is Fuchsite, which is composed of Chrome Mica. It is a particularly beautiful, soft, bright, elvish green colour and sparkles from a million tiny particles of mica. It also helps us to set boundaries and be more self determined, allowing us to see problems from a distance and find solutions more easily.

Physically, it is good for allergies, itching, inflammation and the effects of radiation. Remember to think of your pets if they have these problems.

It isn’t used much for jewellery but is readily available in large chunks or tumbled stones.

Article by Donna Mills

Research on the therapeutic qualities of the gemstones carried out by Michael Gienger.

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