Amethyst is, to my mind, the most powerful stone on earth, the King of Crystals. It grows inside the pockets left by boiling lava after a volcanic eruption. The deepest purple colour comes from Uraguay.

Amethyst encourages spirituality and insight, imbuing justness and honesty. It helps quiet the mind, bringing peace and allowing our inner wisdom and intuition to guide us. It is the best stone for sadness, loss and grief. By helping to clear the inner world of busy impressions, it aids in a deeper, more refreshing sleep.

It heightens concentration and awareness, helping us to think and act more consciously, and overcome blocks which cause uncontrolled or addictive behaviour.

Physically, it is a supernova, healing the nervous system, pain, tension, headaches, injuries, bruises, swellings, respiratory tract, skin, intestines. It regulates the flora of the large intestine, encouraging digestion and reabsorbtion of water.

It can be worn over a long period, as a bead necklace or pendant next to the skin. Everyone should have one ! I never travel without it.

Article by Donna Mills

Research on the therapeutic qualities of the gemstones carried out by Michael Gienger.

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